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Practice Areas

No-Fault Advocate

Loyally serving Buffalo and Western NY

Fuhrman Law handles denied No-Fault bills from doctors, medical facilities, chiropractors, clients, other attorneys, etc. No-Fault is a highly-specialized area of law. There are certain filing deadlines that must be followed.

Call Fuhrman Law to discuss how to proceed with your no-fault action against the insurance carrier.

Our office maintains a legal staff with great insight on how to handle No-Fault Denials, and how best to proceed with your action.

Personal Injury

Call the best – FUHRMAN LAW – for your injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident, medical malpractice, nursing home negligence or any another type of accident. If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, it’s important to hire an experienced attorney to make sure you receive your fair compensation.

Over the years, FUHRMAN LAW has made sure that our clients receive compensation following all types of accident claims for personal injuries. We pride ourselves in taking care of all our clients’ negligence claims, as well as no-fault issues that may arise. When it comes to choosing your legal representation, forget the rest and call the best – FUHRMAN LAW

Estates, Wills, Power of Attorney & Health Care Proxy

Our estate attorneys work closely with individual and corporate fiduciaries in the administration of estates. We provide all administrative needs of an individual fiduciary, overseeing the administration of the estate to see that all probate court requirements are met, assets marshaled, obligations paid, estate tax and fiduciary income tax returns filed and taxes paid, estate tax audits conducted, distributions made, benefits collected, retirement benefits planned and distributed, post mortem planning completed to minimize income taxes and the estate closed and settled.

Our goal is to guide the fiduciary through all of the estate responsibilities in a planned and hands on manner to ensure that the administration is accomplished in a smooth, efficient, and expeditious manner to the satisfaction of the fiduciary and beneficiaries.

In addition, our attorneys have substantial experience representing executors, trustees, and beneficiaries in estate litigation matters.

Your Trusted Real Estate Attorney

If you’re looking for a real estate lawyer, choosing our firm to represent you offers numerous practical benefits. We take pride in helping our clients save money by negotiating contracts, repairing issues, keeping the closing cost at a minimum, and handling post-closing issues. We strive to maintain and uphold the confidence clients